We had a meeting with the mayor yesterday to talk about next steps.

You may remember, this is the mayor who told us that, if we bought the Shack and got permission to enlarge it, we could live next door to it in our yurts and have up to 20 people in yurts on the land next year. The mayor who, when I asked for that in writing, gave us her Parole.

Her word.

Her solemn oath.

So I was more than a little surprised when she told us yesterday that we couldn’t live next door to the Shack in our yurts. That we had to show we were living in the Shack (external dimensions to be 7 x 3 metres when finished – which is something we can’t currently afford to do anyway and winter is approaching fast). She told us, in fact, we couldn’t live in yurts for more than eight months in a year. And that we couldn’t have three yurts on our land for guests next year. She suggested putting up one yurt and, if no one says anything, putting the other two up in 2011. Problem is, we can’t live on one yurt’s income. We’re already overdrawn (which is very inadvisable with a French bank). And we’ll never raise the money for the showers and toilets if we can’t pay the loan back.

The French word for this situation is translated as: Shit (hence the headline).