I always wanted to be an archaeologist.

Not enough to be one. But enough to dig around in the garden looking for Roman roads (finding only those bits of blue and white plate that must be everywhere and some kind of battery I keep in a box). To have wanted a metal detector more than once (including now). And to have “Time Team” as one of my Must See TV shows for many years.

Which is why I said: “Wow!” when one of this blog’s regular readers told me her parents were taking their metal detectors on a Time Team dig. Maybe they’d be interested in coming down here (maybe even packing one old non-ferrous one they’d like to sell), to scour land that must have been inhabited off and on for tens of thousands of years.

Maybe they would, she said.

So, to whet their appetite, I thought I’d publish the first of my Interesting Rocks. I think I found it lying on the ground outside the workshop, looking like this:

My untrained eye tells me it must be napped by human hand. I tried holding it in various ways, then handed it to my daughter this evening who immediately held it like this (my hand, not hers).

It even has a sharpened edge for scraping.

I’m calling it a “scraper” and shall look up other examples at once. Before using it to open – officially – the écovallée museum.

You saw it here first. (You just weren’t the first to see it.)