Yes, the new job (which starts tomorrow morning at nine) means cash coming in instead of going out without so much as a ‘by your leave’ (whatever that means).

Yes, it means we get a Carte Vitale after a month, which gives us access to possibly the most impressive healthcare system in the world without paying very much for it.

Yes, I’m only going to work four days a week because I think five days is inhuman and I don’t want to lose my fantastically enjoyable level of fitness.

Yes, it means we’ll get subsidised childcare, so Boy can get to know more people and learn more French while Her Outdoors can do more work (on the land).

Yes, chances are, we’ll be able to survive until we open for business.

Yes, the job involves speaking English to English people in England.

Yes, there’s a very small commission which will lift the wage off the minimum.

And yes, it’s not copywriting (although the boss has asked me what I can do with his websites).


The commute is only 100 yards, so I’M NOT GOING TO GET MUCH READING DONE.