There is someone else who’s trying to help us with our bureaucratic problem. His name is Daniel. He speaks perfect English. And he’s a builder.

Can he fix it? We hope he can.

We first met Daniel a few weeks ago. He looked at our planning application and said we should have had an answer within two months – if not, we could go ahead with the next stage of permissions (news to us). He went away to make some discreet enquiries. Free of charge.

A few days later, Planning sent us their “Non” response.

On Friday morning, we showed him the “Non”. He said we had until the end of the month to challenge it at a tribunal (news to us). Not to worry. He would get, complete and submit the necessary papers. Free of charge. This would keep the ball rolling and buy us time to see the new mayor who starts work after Easter.

He did say it could take a year to get everything sorted out.


When I said we’d be destitute long before then, he said the very earliest it could possibly happen would be the end of June, or perhaps July. With a fair wind and the new mayor behind us.

When did you last hear of a builder who revises his estimates downwards?