1. And the Angle of Self Sufficiency did say: “Thou shalt build an ark.”

2. “Is it going to rain?” asked Alex.

3. “Not that sort of ark, thou muppet,” replied the Angle. “‘Tis for thy pigs, that they shall be kept warm in all weathers.”

4. The next question was obvious. “With what am I supposed to build this pigging ark?”

5. “Those pallets you got from the dump should do nicely,” said the Angle. “Though you’ll have to cart them up to the workshop single-handed. And without a cart.”

6. Having read from the good book, “A Guide to Tradition Pig Keeping” by Carol Harris, Alex agreed. And on the 15th day of the first month, just after breakfast, he did build himself a workbench to facilitate the process.

7. “There’s a floor in this plan,” Alex observed.

8. “Verily,” said the Angle. “And after you’ve made it, you can break for coffee. Then leanest thou the wall that will face the prevailing wind and a third pallet that shall be one side, and takest thou a photo, and bloggest thou thy labour.”