I can’t help feeling that everything is more urgent than everything else.

The fruit trees should have been planted in November. I still have three corner posts that need leaners. An 80-metre trench that needs moving a few inches closer to the fencing line. Plain wire and chicken wire to put up. And a door and lintel to make.

Not in that order. That would be ridiculous.

Then there’s a polytunnel to buy and erect. A source to find (might start looking at the bottom of Pepito’s field, near the waterfall). Woods to clear. Grass to mow. Fires to burn. Buildings to build. A dossier to write. Meetings to have. And sooo much more.

So we went to Le Bugue this morning to meet Marlene. She has pigs. These pigs:

These pigs:

Entire fields of pigs:

At the moment she has 87. In a couple of weeks she’ll have 85. The other two will be turning the soil over in what will become our veggie bed. They don’t have much time. We’re going to be planting the (unbought and unsown) seedlings from our (unbought and unerect) polytunnel in April.

Which means I now have to focus on building a pig ark and fencing the veggie bed. Single-handed. (While the other hand claps urgently behind my back).