If someone I once worked with is to be believed, this post is worth 1,000 words:

Biographical detail that might be useful: This is the last post of the orchard/chicken run enclosure, featuring some of the equipment needed for The Sport of Fencing. (Note the use of cheat boards to add stability to the ladder.)

Here are the other posts:

But fencing doesn’t stop there. Oh no. Next you need to add leaners to your corner posts. They look like this (which you will find in the Rule Book):

Many years ago, on The Big Breakfast (when breakfast TV was worth waking up for), Richard Bacon introduced the weather like this: “It’s a great day if you’re an otter – or you collect water”.

I am absolutely, totally, deliriously happy to show you the water I collected in the last couple of days:

It’s not for me. It’s for Pepito, who arrived today:

And after a few words from Philippe:

Went to find his corner of a field:

What you might call a happy beginning.