The results of the first devolutionary reader poll are finally in.

For the record, the question was: “When would you rather check in for a one-week holiday?”

Sunday and Thursday came third, with 12% each.

Tuesday came second, with a respectable 25%.

And “Not Bothered” stormed into first place by a mathematically impossible 87%.

Which means I can announce with absolute conviction that 102% of people, who expressed a preference, are either happy, or not particularly unhappy, about checking in on Tuesday.

Who knew?

(I love that this ties in with our idea of giving everyone a simple five-course meal on Wednesday evening – to demonstrate the facilities of the yurt kitchen – and Thursday is market day in Lalinde, 300 yards away. Which means everyone can stock up on the latest seasonal goodies not available from our allotment/polytunnel. So, to those who voted – thanks for bothering.)