I remembered to take the camera yesterday, and thought you’d like some visual reference to the “Current Projects” sidebar on the right. First, a shot of Clare’s drystone wall, at the entrance of écovallée.

This didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped. Her wall is the bit on the left and is much more beautiful in real life. The bit on the right is stone rubble piled up by the previous owner, augmented temporarily by me.

If you squint and look 18 metres further down the hill, you’ll see the second bit of wall Clare’s working on, which is just spectacular.

Meanwhile, down where the yurt kitchen, outdoor seating area, solar shower and compost toilet will be, here is a shot of my current office.

And, turning round on the spot, the view from my desk, across the still-waist-high grass towards where the kid’s play area will be.

Which beats staring at a brick wall.