For the last couple of weeks, apart from clearing woodland, trundling wheelbarrows full of rocks/soil up steep driveways, having the occasional bonfire (or should that be “goodfeu”?), wrestling with a borrowed strimmer, and person-handling twentysomething fenceposts out of the ground, I’ve been tentatively exploring the blogosphere.

I started with the Other Blogs section of my excellent and insanely talented friend Café del Nightmare (check out the archives for ceaseless interest) and, through RockMother, found interest and amusement at long-term bloggers Patroclus and Grammar Puss.

Interestingly (to me), a name I recognised kept cropping up in the comments sections. Last time I saw him, he was on Mastermind. (Although that’s not listed in his Wikipedia entry.)

Yesterday, I added “smallholding” to my profile, clicked on that, and have discovered an even newer world of blogs that include Hedge Wizard’s Diary and Self sufficient ‘ish’.

I’ve got to stop. I’ve got so much to do.