We came up with the name for the website months ago.

Registered the URL.

Wrote the site – gathered links to various local attractions – green technology – all that fun stuff – and we waited.

Waited for permission from the local Maire (in English: Mayor).

Waited while our Architecte (Architect – can you see how this works?) explained how we will have to wait for at least two months after submitting papers to the regional authorities for an answer and how, after a “Oui”, we will have to wait at least two more months for the next set of papers to be approved (by the same people) before we can start building our Big Green Idea.

We waited while the house sale fell through.


And waited for a load of other things.

Like the rain to stop and summer to start.

With weeks more waiting until we can leave the country, the question is: What to do?

Walking round Brighton looking for free, cheap and entertaining stuff to do with a one-year-old (try the Discovery Room in the Brighton Museum and the Jubilee Library for starters) while your daughter’s at school and your partner’s at home making yurt covers can become tedious.

Ask anyone.

The answer, I decided a few days ago, is to stop waiting for a web designer to build the site, and create a simple placeholder homepage myself.

First, I had a go with Netscape Communicator.

The text uploaded. The image didn’t.

So I found a friend with Dreamweaver, went over to his place and built it again.

Then ran out of time before I could upload it.

But, while working on the tutorial, I spotted the free 30-day Dreamweaver trial.

So I came home and downloaded it.

You might have to wait for a few days, but you’ll be able to see the results at: www.ecovallee.com