The cost of housing
Every extra bedroom currenty costs an extra £100,000. What am I supposed to do – win the lottery?

The state of schools
Can’t afford private schools. Can’t be guaranteed a place at a decent state school. Don’t have time to wait for the Government to introduce the Baccalaureate.

MRSA in the NHS
Hospitals used to be somewhere you’d go to get better. Turns out contracting out cleaning wasn’t such a smart move.

Fare increases on public transport
Every few months the train fares go up. My day rate hasn’t gone up since 1989.

Council tax
Again, every year an increase. Every year the same headshaking incompetence. Let’s hope the new Green counsellors in Brighton & Hove can make a difference.

Residents’ parking zones
Unwanted. Unnecessary. Unsurprisingly, creating problems that didn’t exist before.

Who watches this stuff?

Job insecurity
A typical year sees me employed, unemployed and freelance. One day the phone will stop ringing altogether.

Foreign policy
The vast majority of this country’s populatin say no to the latest Iraq war and we go to war anyway. And Tony Blair is not impeached and imprisoned for treason. I don’t get it.

They’re everywhere. On TV. In newspapers. On blogs. Who comes up with these things?