I don’t know where it came from, but I remember where I was. Sitting on the sofa watching TV. The programme can’t have been very interesting (don’t get me started on the state of British TV these days – it – no – just don’t get me started), because me and Clare were trying to solve our Most Pressing And All Encompassing Ongoing Problem.

It went like this:

Where th* fuck are we going to find the money to move from our small-but-beautiful two-bedroom mid-terrace house in one of the best parts of Brighton to somewhere bigger, with a garden big enough for chickens and a polytunnel, a solar panel or two, and maybe, at some point, a natural swimming pool, so we can live the sustainable life we’re always talking about, without me taking on a higher salary with more responsibility that would mean spending even less time with the family? Oh yes. And we’d need to be close to a good school.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve read the same books as me. I could give you a reading list, but some of them might be a bit New Age for your tastes. But if you have, you’ll be familiar with the idea of manifestation. And what arrived at that moment, me in front of the telly in the lounge and Clare standing next to the cupboard in the dining room (they’re in the same room – I told you it was a small house), was the first stage of a manifestation.

It was an idea.

It was big.

And it was very, very green.

Instead of spending years trying to make the at least £100,000 we needed to buy a bigger place, we could just sell the house we had and use the profit to buy the most beautiful piece of land we could find, and a polytunnel, solar panels, chickens, a trampoline, maybe a natural pool, and live in… yurts. We could even have some yurts for eco-friendly people who are looking for a carbon-neutral (or even carbon-positive) holiday.

That’s what this blog is about. I may wander off the subject every now and then, and please excuse any self-indulgence in advance, but I promise I will always come back to the theme. Because it’s what’s going on right now. So far, we’ve bought the land, bought the yurts, sold the house and are applying for permission to create a campsite using the very latest green technology available.

And we only had the Big Green Idea ten months ago.